De nieuwe patch voor Forager pakt belangrijke problemen aan

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Bugs en glitches in games zijn ten alle tijden vervelend. Maar wanneer een van de problemen is dat jouw savefiles niet meer laden, dan is het wel wat meer dan enkel vervelend. HopFrog, de ontwikkelaar achter Forager, handelde dan ook snel toen dit probleem zich voordeed in zijn spel.

In een dag kwam een pakt die dit probleem en menig ander issue verhielp. De volledige patch notes zijn als volgt:

Features / Quality of LIfe

  • Adds support for Steam screenshots (F12)
  • Adds a maximum amount of resources that can be spawned at a time to help players with too many resources to deal with mid-game

Bug Fixes / Stability

  • Fixes an error where many save files would fail to load
  • Provides a potential fix for Ubuntu frame speed issues*
  • Fixes a bug where rainbow mushrooms could be despawned by building on top of them
  • Fixes an issue where Spirit Orb HP benefits would not be saved
  • Fixes a bug where spamming the "Craft" button could lead to too many resources being used
  • Improves broken configuration file detection

* The Ubuntu version of the game has had a few issues reported that are all engine bugs. Some of these include frame speed issues, crashes, and input issues. We have provided a solution that will help some with the framerate issues, however, the rest of these issues are up to the developers behind our engine to solve. We will work with them to get a solution as soon as possible!

Bron: Steam


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